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Local life

It's so good to be here !

Yes, on holiday, certainly. But I'm talking about the long-term, about all the things that tourists don't see… the moments of secret pleasure that you keep to yourself : the scent of mushrooms in the woods heralding advancing night, the roe deer crossing in front of you in the warm dawn mist, grape-harvest meals with the friends you've just been helping, the first frosts which turn little twigs to stone, finger-burning chestnuts beside the fire to warm the winter, then snow and shared mulled wine, Christmas shows in school, when you laugh and cry at the same time, thinking of the passing years, the river in spate roaring and rising in flood, then the first daffodils and tender young leaves unfurling… butterflies… it's time to think of summer again !

Each village of our area possesses something special and a quality of life which is our real wealth. Follow the byways, take the time to lose yourself in order to find what we, and our area, are really about.

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