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Heritage & Passion

Here, villages cling to the hillsides or snuggle into the meanders of the Lot or the Thèze, castles watch benevolently over vineyards… the least detail takes on a magic quality, inviting you to daydream and to travel back in TIme. 

The Gallo-Roman era has left vestiges on the Impernal site in Luzech, prehistory left us a series of menhirs frozen in time on the heights above Prayssac, whilst the mediaeval period is predominant in local architecture. 

Priories, polychrome churches, bastides - the majority of these monuments date from the 11th - 13th C., and each of the twenty-seven villages in our area has its own hidden gem ! 

Artists and artisans respond to this, and many of them allow their creativity to take wing and enrich our human and cultural heritage. 

Set off on this great treasure hunt, to which we'll give you the clues…

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