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Destination Vineyards

The Cahors vineyards

The Cahors vineyards are on exceptionally fine terrain, a legendary wine-producing area for the past two thousand years. From the "Black Wine" to the poems of Clément Marot, from its high point in the early 19th C to the phylloxera crisis, this area is back with a bang on the world scene with its "Trendy, Made in the USA" style. 

Covering 4200 hectares, nowadays the vineyards extend from Cahors to Soturac along the Lot Valley and up on to the limestone Causses.

The Malbec Grape

The signature characteristics of Malbec, the iconic grape variety of Cahors, are to be found in the wine's violet, blackcurrant, blackberry and bilberry aromas, plus those of vanilla, liquorice, cinnamon and truffle in wines that have been aged. Full of flavour and rich in tannins, these wines lack neither freshness nor vivacity and can be laid down for a long while.

Cahors AOC

If Cahors AOC is exclusively red and made with a minimum of 70% Malbec, our area also produces Côtes du Lot IGP, Vins de Pays, Vins du Comté Tolosan… which reserve plenty of pleasant surprises for the consumer. Refined red, rosé (some sweet) and white wines, transformed wines such as Ratafia and Rogomme provide a palette of flavours as rich and varied as the land and the people that give it life. 

Go on, give your taste buds a treat !

"Vignoble et Découvertes" logo

The "Vignoble et découvertes" logo is the guarantee of carefully-selected places and activities, to help you plan your stay in the vineyards more easily, whether for a week-end or a few days. The hotels, wineries, restaurants, monuments, agencies and Tourist Offices which have signed up to the scheme are committed to helping you to explore the secrets of the vineyards.

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