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When le Lot meet Italy

Activités Camille M By Camille M, the 12 July 2017

A call for photographers has been launched by the Alliance Française (AF), based Turin, Italy as part of their photo contest “Lot Destination”.  

We have spoke to Pauline Fernandez, volunteer for Turin Alliance Française as a Project Manager in Tourism Promotion “Destination Lot”


What is the Alliance Française?

The Alliance Française is a non-profit association with a mission: to teach French abroad and promote its culture.

Each AF is independent and has its own board of directors. Each association acquires the nationality of it country of establishment: the AF of Turin is Italian, for example.There are more than 800 AF in the world, and are established in 5 continents. The first AF was created in XIX century by Jules Verne.


Why has the Lot region been selected for the project?


Fabrice Placet, as a director, has worked for 15 years in the AF network. Native from Sarlat (Dordogne) he has always held cultural projects to heart with the purpose to promote the South-West area.

Le Lot has been chosen for two mains reasons:

-          Fabrice Placet is from Perigord and I’m from le Lot. Together we have set up projects such as the Lascaux Grotte travelling exhibition in Colombia that was very successful. There is a deep attachment to the land that spawned us. Furthermore, being a foreigner in another country allows us to see our land differently and has awakened the desire in us to share it with the world.

-          Despite its diversity and the many, varied tourist attractions throughout the country, all too often France is summarised for foreigners by Paris, Nice or other touristic areas that have become renown in our country. There is a lack of knowledge for other regions, such as le Lot, that doesn’t have the same resonance.


How can I participate in the photo contest?


Anyone who loves le Lot region can participate: passionate amateur or professional photographers, individually or as a group.

Participation involves sharing your own vision of le Lot and retelling your own stories about this land. The photographer can send a range of 8 photos or a set of photos considered to be relevant.

You can download the rules for participation here

The purpose of this contest is to discover another side to le Lot with images through the unusual eyes of photographers and contribute to the touristic promotion with a real invitation to travel.

The call for photographers is open until 15th December 2017. For more information, those interested can write to us at


What will they get for participating?


An exhibition will be established by Lorenza Bravetta, commissioner (currently Italian Cultural Minister Advisor in Photography). This travelling exhibition will be inaugurated at Turin or Venice in spring 2018 and will then travel with the Italian AF. The “Destination Lot” exhibition will be composed by 20 to 30 panels. Photographers will be selected by Lorenza Bravetta based on their consistency and aesthetics. The commissioner will choose a winner who will be invited to spend a weekend in Turin.

What is the goal of Alliance Française in this project?


This travelling exhibition has the goal to promote le Lot in Italy.  It is a major event of our program. Designed as a travel invitation to move and spark the imagination, this exhibition offers a moment of expression and the possibility to share a snapshot of France with Italy.   


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