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Toutes à Vélo the june 17th in Puy-l’Eveque !

Outings Lisa By Lisa, the 13 June 2018

From the may 28th to the june 2nd, it was the Bike celebration! It’s an important event for the Communauté de communes de la Vallée du Lot et du Vignoble (CCVLV) which was classified as a Territoire Vélo from last November. With this certification label the territory enlist in a development process focused with cycling.

For this occasion, it’ll happens on the June 17th (postponed because of calendar reasons) an event mixing with happiness: sports practice, conviviality and good deed : Toutes à Vélo contre le cancer. This day is organized by the Comité Départemental de Cyclotourisme du Lot (CoDep46), whose the president, M. Bernard Alzaga took a little bit of his time to talk about:


First of all : Can you say a word about the CoDep missions please?

The Codep is in charge of a lot of missions! The main three ones are:

  • The cycling events calendar coordination in the department (road and VTT)
  • The education of all clubs directors on the territory
  • The promotion of the department in some national events, as Toutes à vélo for example.


Before talking about Toutes à vélo, can you list some other events organized by the CoDep?

Of course I can. There is the « Maxi Verte », the 1rst edition hapened at Saint-Céré in 2005 and was repeated 3 times since. There is also « Pâques en Quercy » that we organize since 1987, moving in the department. By the way, the 1rst edition happened in Prayssac (and its surroundings). It was such a damn organization; we started from nothing at the time. However, I’m keeping a good memory of it…in spite of the driving rain this Monday!


So now, what about « Toutes à Vélo »? Why did you choose this name?

Two national events already happened on this theme, gathering more than 5000 women: the 1rst in Paris in 2012 and the 2nd one in Strasbourg in 2016. So we choose to call the event « Toutes à vélo » to be part of this national movement, which meet with success. Look, the next event will happens in Toulouse in 2020.


Is the event reserved to women?

Not at all, the name is misleading but of course, men can participate with pleasure to the event! We wanted to keep the name of the previously named event which is more famous, to give it a more important breadth.


Is it reserved to sportpersons or  open to everyone ?

The event is open to every level and everybody: bikers or mountain bikers. A hiking tour will be suggested to the non-participants.
The itineraries are from 11 à 40 km. Le shorter one (so 11km), is a difficultless tour, devised for families. For the ones who don’t dare to go alone, an accompanied start will leave at 10:00 am. The originality of this event is the visit of a marionette workshop on the big tour of 35km (2 groups of 15 persons)!


After the effort, le comfort: What will happen after the tour?

Finish this moment without a convivial meeting would has been a pity. That’s why we suggest to the participants to share a « pasta party » for the noon meal.


Could you say a word about the « Territoire Vélo » convention signature will take place just before the pasta party please?

« Territoire Vélo » is a Fédération Française du Cyclotourisme (FFVélo) certification, awarded to the CCVLV on last November. In this time, it was’nt the right season for cycle touring. That’s the reason why we’re taking advantage of « Toutes à Vélo » to officially inaugurate this certification label at 12:30 am. It’s also the way to highlight it, including to the medias.


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