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The Tourist Office is outside !

Activities Camille LN By Camille LN, the 17 August 2017

The banner the Tourist Office Lot-Vignoble used during the Tourist Office Outside Operation.

Did you notice the Lot-Vignoble Tourist Office banner in Campsites ? On beaches ? During local events ?


Normal ! Since July, each week one member of the Tourist Office team, destination expert, goes on several places and local events of the destination to meet tourists going to hike, walk, have a swim or enjoy the summer festivals !





With this Tourist Office Outside Operation, we reach a wider public. Today, it’s been more than a month and it is an amazing success ! People we met was surprised and glad to discover all the activities and informations the Tourist Office can offer.

We want to share two experiences of the Tourist Office Outside Operation with you ! The one of Laurie, who studies English and Portuguese the rest of the year in Toulouse, and joins the team this summer; and mine, community manager of the Tourist Office. I am hiding behind Tweets and Instastories ;).


Laurie's experience on the Nautical base of Caïx

This summer, I am part of this operation on beaches (Castelfranc's beach, Campsite les Vignes in Puy L’Évêque) and on the Nautical base of Caïx. There, I am under a shade tree, ready to welcoming people came to swim. I remembered a cloudy afternoon. As soon as the weather got better, a lot of people came meet me. They were surprised to find the Tourist Office on the beach, but satisfied of the operation ! During this day, tourists came to have informations and asking questions about the destination.

This afternoon was interesting for the tourists and for myself, I learnt another aspect of the job !

Laurie, saisonnière été 2017, en accueil hors les murs
Laurie selfie in Caïx !



Personally, you could meet me in the Campsite of Le Domaine de Duravel or the Campsite L’Évasion. But I wanted tell you another aspect of the Tourist Office Outside Project, the one during events.


I was there during Le Festival des Temps des Guitares in Puy-L’Évêque and Le Repas de Trébaïx in July. Helped by Sarah (director of the Tourist Office), we were well placed, front or close to the entries. We offered, with energy and smile, littles green bags stamped « Lot ». Locals and tourists receive a range of documents about the destination, the vineyards and the activities they can do :). I admit, I’ve been satisfied, during Le Repas de Trébaïx, I made discover nice places or activities to local people, who « knows everything because they live here »! :D



Camille pendant l'accueil hors les murs au Repas de Trébaïx avec le groupe Pat'Cryspol

Here on Le Repas de Trébaïx with Pat'Cryspol group


The Tourist Office Outside Project continues all over August. Come and meet Laurie, Lisa, Sarah, Sandra, Anouk and I ! :D To catch us, you have some pictures of us and of our stand below! 


The Team of the Tourist Office of Lot-Vignoble welcome you outside !


Le Stand de l'Office de Tourisme Lot-Vignoble au Domaine de Duravel


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