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The Tourist Office comes to you !

Outings Léa By Léa, the 27 June 2018

Let's begin the summer !

Dears visitors of the Lot and Vineyard’s valley : We are glad to anounce you that this summer, the Tourist Office launch into outdoor reception, for the second time !

But « Qu’es aquo » (south-west french  way to say « What’s that ») ? The concept is about going to meet you, in various touristic places, on the territory. The destination's counsellor moves to inform and advise you about your stay, by giving some personalized touristic informations. It’s as the same as going into a tourist office execpt we switched roles, this time WE are coming to you !


How can you recognize us ?

Look up ! If you see a flag with the letter « I » written on, walking around, it’s Almar, our outdoors touristic counsellor !

Wish to hike around, taste good black wine, enjoy a guided tour or discover our beautiful heritage ? This destination expert will direct you and give you all informations you need to enjoy your holidays.


Where can you find us ?

At accomodation places, for events, into vineyards…You can’t miss him ! He’ll be everywhere…well, almost !

To be sure to cross the Almar way, you can consult, from now our outdoors reception’s diary. He’ll be happy to share a moment with you.

In order to be informed of daily Almar’s moves, follow us on Twitter, where we’ll detail it day by day.


Diary outside reception of the Tourist Office, in july


Diary outdoors reception of the Tourist Office, in august


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