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Taste the Lot in September...

Activities Rachel By Rachel, the 26 August 2016

In September, the Lot Valley and Vineyard and the hilly countryside around seem to calm down. The sun, although always shining, is a bit less hot, the colours begin to turn to a deep bronze green and to different nuances of ochres in the vine and forest.

For the photography lovers, let’s say that the light is not so crude anymore, not so bright.  It gives to the walls of our villages and monuments warmer colours and softly underlines the contrasts of the landscapes cocooning our peaceful river. Have a walk, a horse trail or a bicycle ride on our paths allows you to get as close as possible to this maturing nature.

Grapes on the vine are almost ripe, the euphoria of harvest is not so far away, and with it, all joyful conviviality with which local people welcome you. Yet in September, calm and cosy serenity still reigns and invites you to rest and relaxation.

And this is not a secret to anyone: gastronomy is one of the spearheads of the South-West ! In the Lot Valley, we claim it high and clear ! Our local producers propose beautiful and tasty dishes that will awaken your taste buds ! On the markets, in the boutiques, in the restaurants, traditional savours will surprise you. Duck, goose, lamb of Quercy, whatever the recipe is, are always cooked with undeniable savoir-faire. Fresh vegetables directly coming from the nearby market gardeners brighten up the plates. And here, it has never been ʺcheese OR cakeʺ ! To make things right, you have to taste a little bit of both ! Some goat cheese, amongst others… followed by a pastis (cake specialty of the Lot) or a walnut tart… all of it enlivened  – with moderation of course – by a Cahors wine, or a white or rosé wine from our valley… and you feel full up and rich of the savours and colours of our beautiful territory, ready to get back to your tumultuous day ! 


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