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This summer, be a treasures hunter 2.0 !

Activities Léa By Léa, the 26 July 2018

By foot, bike, or car, the lot Valley and Vineyard offers many wanderings possibilities.You can opt for meeting with friends and family to marvel at remarquable sites with a new eye.With the geocaching, go on an adventure that feels like a giant treasure hunting, searching for the most beautiful places in the surrounding !


What is the Geocaching ?

Experience a 2.0 scavenger hunt, looking for hidden boxes outside, here is the perfect activity for families !Your objective is to lay hands on this boxes, which are differents sizes, waterproof, and including :

  • a logbook : to record yourself when you find it (do not forget your pen before starting!
  • in the bigger boxes, you might find small surprises to swap.

In the Lot Valley, 47 new geocache are set up ! Along the veloroute, on magnificent points of views, near classified monument, historical bastides, lakes, or... wineries !


Ready to tackle the challenge ?

Get your smartphone and download for free the app Geocaching on Playstore or Apple Store.Create your account and there you are ! Start playing by looking for your first geocache, there has to be one next to you !


Reward for the best geocacher !

In every geocache, you will find a code matching the box.To be able to participate at the contest, you need to write them down.The geocacher who will find the more code as possible will be reward on the 26th of August.The codes need to be send by email at :

Let’s play ! ;)


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