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The success of gourmet markets

Outings Rachel By Rachel, the 31 May 2018

This summer, laughs and music resounded in most of the villages of our beautiful valley. Many associations organise gourmet markets, in a convivial and festive spirit. Whatever their name, gourmet evening, flavour market, local market, gourmet musicals, market of producers... the atmosphere of these events is nice and pleasant.

Tables are set up in the heart of villages. Visitors make their own menus and fill their plates with what they want: melon, goose or duck foie gras, confit, magrets and gizzards, lamb of Quercy, cheese, pastis, walnut pie, there is no lack of choice. Of course, the meal is accompanied by a glass of wine certified "vin du pays"!

You do not know who is going to sit next to you, and that is the whole point! The band's music helps make friends from all over the world. Thanks to Cahors wine, everyone speaks the same language and tastings are good way to share with each other!

The evenings last well beyond the meal and the organisers can count on the guests to clean up after the party. A good way to make the pleasure of being together last!

The success of the gourmet markets is evident. From year to year, they become a festive meeting where we go with friends. Every year there are more and more tables, but it is not uncommon to have to add some. This is a nice tradition to maintain and convivial and delicious moments not to be missed!


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