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Rendez-vous in the vineyards!

Vineyard Valérie By Valérie, the 04 October 2019

Nearly 200 winegrowers and just as many cuvees with different Malbec accents...this is the promise of the wines of the Cahors appellation! It's your turn to choose how to discover them...


Meet the winemaker

It’s well known that wine is often characterised by the signature of its creator... Its authenticity and history make sense when you meet its creator.


Come to the “Vendredis K’as Croûte” at the Clos Troteligotte, near Cahors (reservation needed). After visiting the wine cellar and an explanation about their biodynamic  approach, it’s time to taste some wine and a local snack with the owners! Let’s enjoy this unique and convivial time.

Tasting at the Clos Troteligotte ©OTI Lot-Vignoble - S.Richard

Another option: Choose one of the three bicycle itineraries at the Clos Triguedina. Then go on a ride with one of the two electric bikes of the property. When you come back to the domain, share a local meal with the winemakers. Then follow them through the domain for a discovery of the property followed by a wine tasting.

Taste with a breath-taking view

Just imagine: enjoying of a beautiful view of the estate’s vineyards with a glass of Malbec wine in your hand. Good news: this is possible among others in various Châteaux, for example :

Tasting with a view at the Château de Chambert - ©Office de Tourisme Lot-Vignoble - L.Tournier

  • - At Château Chambert don’t miss the view on rolling vineyard landscape on the Causse from the terrace of the Château.
  • - The Domaine du Theron is overhanging the vineyard…Enjoy the awesome view on the nature and the village of Prayssac


To learn…

The curious will also take the opportunity to quench their thirst for knowledge! Visits to estates and discovery workshops are common in the vineyard, here are two examples:


Go to Château de Rouffiac on Tuesday! By groups of 15 people, go on a pedestrian ride with the winemaker trough the domain. Then discover how to produce wine by visiting the cellar. In the end, taste some wine of the property with also some local products.

Hiking through the vines - ©Office de Tourisme Lot-Vignoble


Or turn yourself into a true winemaker for a day at Château Chambert! Create your own biodynamic blend under the watchful eye of the owner of the chateau or the director.


Eating at the estate

If tasting a malbec is a pleasure to which you can indulge without complex, the exercise becomes all the more satisfying when it comes to combining the vintage with the flavours of a local meal. There are estates where you can eat on site.


Eat in the cellar of the Château de Haute-Serre in a cosy yet elegant setting. In this restaurant which is referenced in the Bib gourmand guide the bistronomic recipes are inspired from what is brought back from the daily market.

La Table de Haute-Serre - ©Office de Tourisme Lot-Vignoble - V.Delboy

Overhanging the village but also the valley, the Château de Mercues is at the same time classified as Relais et Château for your stay, a famous vineyard and also a gastronomic restaurant. It’s called Le Duèze and got one star on the Michelin Guide!


From the Bistro de Chambert, you enjoy the view on the vines from the terrace or inside the ancient barn (from the 19th century). This place was restored as a tasting place. During summer and until the end of September you can lunch in this nice place.

Bistro de Chambert - ©OTI Lot-Vignoble - S.Richard


Take a walk through the vines

In order to immerse yourself in our vines landscapes we advise you to go for a walk in the surrounding countryside and the vineyards. Some domains suggest some itineraries from their property. Walking trails are also available in our tourist offices.


From the Château de Saint Sernin, wander through the in search of markers to solve the mystery of Saint-Sernin on the path of the vititrotteuse. During summer enter in the cellar of the property to admire the Barriqu’art exhibition. You’ll see a lot of works with viticultural equipment.

Welcome to Barriqu'art exhibition ! - ©Office de Tourisme Lot-Vignoble

In Château de Gaudou, ask for the “Balade à Gaudou” guide. You’ll find 3 short tours through the domain plots. You’ll also learn a lot about wine occupations and the vineyard.


At Albas the Château Eugénie suggest two walking tours with different levels in the vineyards of the estate. Don’t miss the view on the village of Albas from the viewpoint indicator near the vines.

View on Albas - ©Office de Tourisme Lot-Vignoble


For the Sunday family walks on country paths, choose your itinerary:

  • From Pescadoires go on the Pescatores road. On this tour you’ll go through the vines, follow the river and cross the villages of Grézels, Lagardelle and Pescadoires.


To discover all the winegrowers of the destination, consult the map of the Cahors vineyard or visit the page of our winegrowers partners.


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