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A Queen in Malbec Land

Vineyard Lisa By Lisa, the 04 November 2018

Within the heart of Cahors vineyard, is hidden a castle of a rich and unusual story. Indeed, surrounded by a sea of vines within Luzech, you’ll find belonging to the Royal Danish Family: The Chateau de Cayx!


Some  famous owners

The first traces of the castle can be traced back to the 15th century, with its fame being brought by some of its illustrious inhabitants; with Jean Jacques LeFranc de Pompignan being one of them. This man of letters was not only a member of the Academie Francaise, but also the father of the famous Olympe de Gouge. 


A few decades past being a rented farming land, the castle was first sold to the Miran family, and then to the Royal Danish family: her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark, and to her husband; HRH Prince Henrik.


This investment didn’t come as a surprise. Indeed, it can be explained as HRH Henrik Laborde de Montpezat, had his childhood split between Indochina and the Lot Valley where he grew up. To go more into details, he grew up in Albas, located a few kilometres away from the beautiful mansion above the Lot River.


Some prince like cuvee

The castle is not only a second French house to the Queen, but also a charming vineyard where are growing about 24 hectares of vines. These vines mainly produce Malbec grapes. As such the red and rose wine on the dolmen are 100% Malbec and are called the “Cuvee Majeste”, and “La Royale” or even “Malbec du Prince”. As for the white wine, it is made with a variety of chardonnay grapes.


Caïx or Cayx ?

The experts of our Valley wouldn’t miss the grammatical difference in spelling the Chateau de Cayx is spelled differently from the hamlet of Caix located in Luzech, a few hundred metres away from the dolmen.


And here is the reason behind this mystery: Despite being often written as such in the past for few centuries, the prince Henrik favoured the use of the “y” to the “i” as it was not only easier to pronounce, but also to spell within the Danish Language.


Explore the castle

Open all year round, it is possible to visit the Chateau de Cayx . This guided tour, can also include during the summer period at 3pm, from Monday to Sunday; a tour of the vineyard.


If after all this, you are still feeling curious and asking for more, a book concerning its history is available at the Tourist Offices of Prayssac and Puy l’Eveque.

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