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The Lot Valley and its Vineyard and the five senses!

Activities Rachel By Rachel, the 29 May 2018

The crossing of the Lot Valley and its Vineyard, using our five senses, start here! But know that once you start, there is no turning back!


The smells and perfumes of our territory!

Vignoble AOC Cahors - Destination Cahors MalbecFrom grape to wine, with prestigious vineyard of the AOC (protected designation of origin) Cahors of 4,000 hectares, 80% of which extends on the Lot Valley and its Vineyard. Between Soturac and Parnac, along the Lot or on the causse, a limestone plateau, many winegrowers offer to visit their cellars. Come for a getaway in the heart of Cahors Malbec vineyard, a region of excellence.


The view and wonders of our territory!

La randonnée en Vallée du Lot et du Vignoble

From surprises to discoveries, come and admire our local heritage and the incredible landscapes of the Lot Valley and its Vineyard, in a nature dotted with orchids and dry stone low walls. Walk, cycle or horse ride along the various itineraries available at the Tourist Office.


The touch and feelings of our territory!

Les activités en Vallée du Lot et du Vignoble

The caress of the waves, in or on the water, thanks to many nautical activities on the Lot river. The river crossing the Lot Valley and its Vineyard is an old communication axis, related to the trade of Cahors wine, nowadays synonymous with relaxation and leisure, for all. Let yourself be carried away, we will take care of you!


The hearing and celebrations of our territory!

Animations en Vallée du Lot et du VignobleThere are many different celebrations planned on our calendar throughout the year, great events for everyone: Transhumance, concerts, festivals, shows for children... and many other celebrations. Wait a minute, you hear that? The Lot Valley and its Vineyard come to life just for you!


The taste and food of our territory!

Les saveurs en Vallée du Lot et du VignobleCome and discover many products of excellence, at the restaurant or at convivial farmhouse inns, local food in markets such as duck foie gras, farm lamb from Quercy, Croustilot, which is a local bread, walnut cake, pastis, melon, walnuts and saffron... to eat without moderation! Gluttony... the best flaw invented in the Lot Valley and its Vineyard!


Les sites à découvrir en Vallée du Lot et du Vignoble

All this in a rich timeless cultural heritage, preserved and contemporary, from the prehistoric era to modern day (unusual museums, exhibitions, conferences...), it is the sixth sense of the Lot Valley and its Vineyard, which is offered to every visitor.


Welcome to our territory...!




Photo credit : © Lot Tourisme © J. Van Severen © P. Soissons © J. Morel © Y. Conforti


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