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La Planète des Moulins museum

Outings Rachel By Rachel, the 29 May 2018

The 24th May 2016, Jean Rogier (president of the association of La Planète des Moulins museum), Frédéric Corrégé (Director of EDF Hydraulique, on the Lot and Truyère Valleys), Jean-Marie Fabre (head of the EDF hydroelectric plan of Luzech), invited us on the occasion of the signing of a partnership convention between EDF and La Planète des Moulins museum.

This museum is dedicated to windmill and water-mill models, cleverly animated, coming from all-times. In this universe, we travel around the world because we discover like children, the origin of the mills of very different countries, inviting us to discover how mankind has learned to harness natural energies, over the centuries: human, animal, hydraulic, wind. The animation will put you in an unusual atmosphere.

There are more than 70 mills, educational tools and instruments allowing everyone, young and old, to touch and experiment to better understand how these machines work and to discover their different uses.

For information, in last September, the Arab World Institute, asked the museum to lend them two models, to exhibit them as part of the exhibition "Jardins d'orient". You can see them for 6 months (from April to September 2016) at the Arab World Institute, an Egyptian Saqyah (water wheel) and an Archimedes' screw which will then resume their places in the museum!

We ended this visit with a convivial aperitif.

We would like to thank Jean Rogier and the entire team for this warm welcome.

We invite you to come and discover this museum, unique place not to be missed, you will go from discovery, to discovery to better understand the world around you.


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