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Know more about organic wine !

Vignoble Camille M By Camille M, the 09 June 2017

During a wine tasting session in Clos Troteligotte, inside a splendid loft name « K-Où », the Tourisme Lot Vignoble team lent an attentive ear to Fanelli Walter intervention.

Facilitator for Bio46, Fanelli explained in a simple and direct way the full complexity of organic wine.

Through this article, I will try to summarize the fundamental of organic wine.

First of all, there are a number of rules in the production organization. Some of them that we can guess, such as the exclusive use of natural products, no use of herbicide and the use of natural origins fertilizers. What's not generally known is the positive impact on local employment thanks to an important need in workforce or whether  the 36 months waiting period to get the certification.

Frequent, regular and sometimes surprise inspections are made by by independent and approved certification organizations to check if the rules have been respected.

I was surprised to learn the AB (organic agriculture)  label is the reference label for organic wine and it is not even mandatory ! If you want to by an organic wine you should identify the green label with a vine leave draw with stars.

Last point, I am sure that you haveheard about biodynamy, but you may not know what is it exaclty. We can consider that is a a further level in the environmental awareness. It is a balanced production system between plant/land/environment with a consideration for the influence of celestial and earth forces

In brief, organic vine is good for you, for others and for the planet Are you convince ? 

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