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Guided tour of the village of Puy l'Evêque

Outings Rachel By Rachel, the 16 March 2015

I'd like to share with you….

A guided tour of the village of Puy l'Evêque with my colleague Virginie !

It has to be said that, like many people, I've crossed the bridge going towards Vire or followed the D 911 Lot valley road countless times, but never thought of actually stopping in the village itself….

I joined a small group of cheerful folk from the Lot et Garonne on the Place de la Mairie. Before us, the former castle with its imposing keep, and a magnificent view over the Lot Valley… the weather was fine, everyone was wreathed in smiles - a pretty good start ! So off we went for an hour's guided tour….

Through the streets, the squares with their olden-day charm and the winding lanes of the old quarters, thanks to Virginie I learned so much about the history and architecture of this lovely village whose châteaux, fine houses and mill descend in steps down to "la cale" (the quayside) beside the river. Renaissance windows and half-timbered façades, staircase towers and town houses… this fascinating tour plunged me deep into the mediaeval period : the noisy bustle of this business centre, the history of wine, the river traffic, the Bishops of Cahors…plus a few unusual anecdotes for good measure.

Then the present-day brought itself to our attention… a garden with roses perfuming the air, a little cat which trotted along by my side, then a little further along, a wonderful smell of soup… I drank it all in, enjoying the sight of the village stretched out in the sun. A moment of pure pleasure !

Do come and take this tour and travel back in Time, under Virginie's benevolent guidance.

Contact us for more information !


Puy L'Evêque

I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful town one rainy day in the spring of 2008. My wife and I were on our honeymoon and had rented a car to wander around Toulouse and Lot for 2 weeks. Puy L'Evêque was one of the most memorable places we visited.
Despite the rain we marveled at the beauty of the town and the friendliness of the locals. I imagine a tour would be well worth anyone's time !

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