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Fishing workshop in nature

Outings Rachel By Rachel, the 31 May 2018

Thursday 23 July, I went with my son, Lucas, to a fishing workshop in nature, which was organised by our Tourist Office, the Fishing Federation of the Lot and the Fishing Association of Prayssac.

To got here, I had given an appointment to a family from Brittany and a family from the Lot, in front of the Tourist Office of Duravel, because the place called "Balat Grand" in Prayssac is not easy to find if you do not know the area.

11 children from 6 to 12 years old arrived in Balat Grand, all were excited to know that they were going to learn a lot from Romain, the facilitator of the federation. And they did learn a lot!

He is talented Romain... He explained how to make baits, the various fishing techniques: cast fishing, pole fishing, fly fishing... But also, how to set up a fishing line, tie knots or hook a bait. The objective was to make them autonomous. He raised awareness among children about the respect of the environment and the discovery of various elements of the aquatic life: fishes, insects, larva, fauna and flora.

Despite the heat, everyone was ready to go near the water and start fishing for 2 hours!

At the end of the workshop, the children counted the number of fish caught and Romain described the characteristics of each species. They were listening to every word!

Harmful fish, such as pumpkinseeds, were eliminated and children released the other fish safely into the water.

As a gift, all children under 12 years old received a free fishing licence.

The next fishing workshop took place Friday 14 August, from 9:30 am to 12 pm, in Balat Grand (near the Odalys holiday village). To register your children for the next workshop, you can contact one of our Tourist Information Offices.

Payment required upon registration: 10€ per child.


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