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The first Cycling Territory in the Lot Department !

Activities Camille LN By Camille LN, the 21 February 2018

On your bike ! The Lot Valley and its Vineyards is officially the first Cycling Territory in the Lot Department ! It joins the 2 territories which already have been certified in Occitania.


What is a "Cycling Territory" (Territoire Vélo) ?

The label “Territoire Vélo” is awarded by the French cycle touring federation, for exemplary initiatives to promote cycling on our territory.

A cycling territory guarantees a high quality of welcome and services for cyclists. The label does not only consider the benefits of leisure, it is also a guarantee of the territory’s commitment to economic, ecological and sustainable development.


Why the Lot Valley and its Vineyards ?

Thanks to its isolated roads and cycling facilities, the Lot Valley and its Vineyards is the ideal territory for cyclists ! Between limestone plateaus and valley, many kilometres of rural roads will lead you to the discovery of the wine-making landscapes and their heritage.

Whether you’re a novice or a bike afficionado, there are bike tours for any level.


Why going for bike rides ?

Not convinced yet? Here are 4 reasons for getting on your bike :

1- Cycling is ecological

No emission of fine particles, only the CO2 produced by your breath ... in small quantities !


2- Cycling is more economical

The diesel tariff increased again? It does not matter to you since your racing car is running at the strength of your sharpened calves.


3- Cycling is good for your health

Are you regularly out of breath arriving at the top of the stairs ? Riding a bike regularly helps you to keep an excellent physical condition.


4- Cycling is trendy

End of the era of big engines, soft transport are booming, and a photo of you on your ATV will be appreciated on social media.


So don’t hesitate anymore, it's high time to take your bike out of the garage and to leave for an adventure on the paths of the Lot Valley and its Vineyards !


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