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A festive meal with Lot's flavours

Vineyard Lisa By Lisa, the 21 December 2017

The festive season has begun, the presents are wrapped, the children become impatient staring at the fireplace and the cat sleep peacefully under the Christmas tree. The guests arrived, the dinner is ready and the table is perfectly decorated. You thought of everything... almost ! When comes the moment to serve the aperitif, the crucial question is raising : Which wine do I serve with the salmon ? The bottle of vin rouge 100% Malbec brought by grand-father René or the rosé pression of auntie Jeanne ? Everything was perfectly organised and suddently you panic !

To avoid the stress of the last moment, we have asked the famous œnologist Eric Filipiak to advise us for the best wine pairings for festive menus. Here are its recommendations for a dinner 100% vins lotois !


The Menu

Aperitif :

A white wine or a rosé pétillant IGP Côtes du Lot  will accompagny perfectly your assortments of amuse-bouche.


Starter :

The traditionnal French starter for those celebrations is le foie gras. It is generally associated with a white winec : a blanc moelleux IGP Côtes du Lot, slightly acidic will be the best. For the adventurous, this dish can also be tasted with a vin rouge AOC Cahors. Better is the youngest from the plateau, for its minerality.

If you are more likely for a marin starter, you will appreciate the smoked salmon with a rosé sec de cépage Malbec.


Main course :

For the main course, we propose a exclusive selection composed with vins rouges AOC Cahors.

With a poultry, stuffed or in sauce, we invite you to serve it with a wine slightly aged, matured in oak casks. The year 2005 or 2009 will match perfectly. By contrast, a wild game will be accompanied with a young wine, year 2012 or 2014.

For a fish, a wine smooth and easy to drink is requested. A Cahors de terrasse, year 2015, will be a delight.


Salad :

The wine does not fit well with a salad. Allow yourself an interlude with a locale beer, blond or white, maybe a bit spicy, from one of the 12 Lot microbreweries. Thank to its acidity the beer clean the palate before pursuing the dinner. 


Cheese :

To accompany a soft cheese, like Rocamadour a vin blanc IGP Côtes du Lot is preferable. In constrast, a hard cheese, like Comté, will be better with a  vin rouge AOC Cahors. Prefer a young one, 2012 or 2015. For blue cheese lovers, accompany your cheese with a ratafia de Malbec or a rogom.


Dessert :

A powerful wine will allow to sublimate the French traditionnal bûche de Noël au chocolat. A vin rouge AOC Cahors of 2009 or 2011 is recommened.


Our tasting suggestion


To savour a vin rouge AOC Cahors in the best conditions, think to bring it to room temperature and to decant it in a decanter 2 or 3 hours before. Be carefull to not rise too much the wine temperature, 14-15°C is the best !


Le ratafia and le rogom : what is the difference ?
Le ratafia and le rogom are two aperitifs produce from grape must, associated with brandy. The difference is the condition of the grape must, fresh for le ratafia and cook for le rogom.


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