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Exhibit in the Lot-Vineyard Tourist Office!

Activities Rachel By Rachel, the 18 May 2018

Why exhibit in the Lot-Vineyard Tourist Office?

In 2017, the Lot-Vineyard Intermunicipal Tourist Office, offers a new policy for its temporary exhibitions. The Tourist Information Offices of Puy-l'Evêque, Prayssac, Luzech, which will be open throughout the year, and Mauroux (open from mid-June to mid-September) can welcome exhibitions. These spaces are meeting points where artists, painters and photographs, with different background, can exhibit there works.


What can I exhibit in the Lot-Vineyard Tourist Offices?

The Tourist Office want to promote the culture, its territory and the local know-how, among other things, by promoting artists from here and elsewhere. To do so, we work on different themes during the quarters. A theme will be presented in each office, as a common thread which will take visitors from one place to another. A rich and diversified program awaits the exhibitors and visitors throughout the four seasons. In 2017, it breaks down as follows:


1st quarters: Gastronomy

2nd quarter: Activities

3rd quarter: Nature and landscapes

4th quarter: Vineyard


I want to exhibit, how do I do it?

There is nothing simpler than to exhibit in the Lot-Vineyard Tourist Office! If you have more works (paintings, photos, potteries, postcards...) which correspond to the themes of the year, and if you are registered as an artist or as a member of an association which will carry out the exhibition, make yourself known to the Intercommunal Tourist Office.


Who should I contact at the Lot-Vineyard Tourist Office?


You would like to exhibit your works? Please contact Virginie Tonel, to agree on terms and conditions and availability. To complete the process, come to the Lot-Vineyard Tourist Office, meet Virginie, who will be glad to explain how it works and she will give you practical information to prepare your future exhibition.


All you have to do is take the plunge, Virginie is ready to help you realise your project.


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