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E-Tourism and Digital Support

Activities Anouk By Anouk, the 28 November 2014

For a long time, Tourist Offices only had to distribute leaflets, but since internet, our job completely changed.


I am passionate about the digital world, and I wanted to know more about web tools, to share my knowledge with the tourist service providers of the territory. It is a great opportunity to establish a link between the Tourist Office and our partners. It benefits to us all, all we have to do is work together to be more present on the web and give a better visibility to our territory:

The more we talk about this territory, the more it will be promoted and well referenced on internet.

My objective is to find free and accessible tools for you, so you can use internet everyday independently.

As you probably already know, more and more tourists are using internet to plan their journeys. It is estimated that 62% of French people plan their holidays online (source: annual barometer by Guy Raffour). It is essential to adapt ourselves to this evolution.

To accompany and help tourism stakeholders to meet this digital challenge in the best possible conditions, I was trained to become a "Digital Territory Facilitator" in 2012.


I have been organising digital workshops since 2013. Concretely, these are support programmes done in small groups. The practical exercises are making it easy to learn how to us the new digital tools simply. You will work on your own laptop, in a room with an internet connection.


During these workshops, I will help you position yourself in the e-tourism market. This word might scare some people, but in reality, it is simple, e-tourism includes all tourism-related activities done online or via a mobile phone, touch or interactive interfaces, before during or after the stay.


Personally, I advise you to attend the Google Address workshop first. If you have not created or requested your Google Address, then it is time to do so! It allows you to register the location of your company in Google Maps, it is free and essential for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.


Prepare your 2015 season and discover the other workshops available this autumn and winter in the complete programme.



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