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Chestnut of the Lot Valley !

Activities Florence By Florence, the 07 October 2016

What is this thorny husk hiding ? A precious fruit, whose skin is hard but whose flesh is sweet and flavoured : the Chestnut !

Time has come for autumnal walks in the woods, and take your favorite basket with !

Chestnut is a natural product, with a strong identity, which carries out the image of a territory, of a soil. It is the image of conviviality and warmth. Chestnut is indeed the ideal fruit of autumn and winter season !

For a long time, Chestnut has been an important food with high nutritional value. Chestnut trees were even called « Trees of bread », or « Trees of pigs » for their fruit has been used to feed the pigs in the farms.

Between Marron and Chestnut, do you know what the difference is ?

Well, the husk makes the whole difference. If the husk encloses ruit separated by a brownish bitter skin called tan, then it is a Chestnut. If the fruit is all in one piece, then it is a Marron.

From the tree to the plate, Chestnut can be cooked in boiling water, or roasted in a pan. There is Nothing easier and more pleasant than having some Chestnuts roasting in the fireplace to warm up your winter evenings ! Indeed, Chestnut compiles the magic of autumn through different recipes and could even make you enjoy the roughness of winter coming !

Don’t hesitate to taste those recipes and discover Chestnut through Veloutés, stuffing, jam, cake, pudding, flour, liquor, or simply roasted with turkey, salad and ham, and so much more !...

Surprise your taste buds !


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