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Art exhibitions in one of the tourist offices of the Lot Valley and Vineyard / Barthélémy Carmona

Outings Rachel By Rachel, the 10 August 2016

You are an artist, painting or drawing, wether amateur or professional, come and exhibit for two weeks in a Tourist Office of the Lot Valley and Vineyars, either in Mauroux or in Prayssac! Your work will be seen every day of the week, and even Saturdays and Sundays in Prayssac during the high season!

Information at Prayssac Tourist Office on 05 65 22 40 57, you will be given all modalities of exhibition in our premises.

Like Barthélémy Carmona, whose exhibition is currently taking place in Mauroux up until the 16th August 2016, highlight your work by touching a large public from France and abroad!


Barthélémy Carmona was born in Spain. Dentist surgeon, now retired, he only came to the painting in 2009, although he always wanted to paint.  Barthélémy Carmona is a self-made artist who plays with contrasts of colours and with light that he manages to kind of stage within his work, the one inspired by his Spanish origins as well as the one showing landscapes of Aveyron in France.

Barthélémy Carmona also takes part in the Condezaygues Culture & Leisure Workshops and chose our office in Mauroux to hold his very first exhibition, which is a real success from day One!

Please come and admire his artwork from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 1pm and from 2 to 6 pm. A book is available for the public to leave its comments…


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