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Have a piece of Autumn

Activities Camille LN By Camille LN, the 07 October 2017

The weather is getting colder, or it is just personnal feeling ? In our offices the invasion of cooling fans turn into a textile overlap. The grape picking season is ongoing and we do not get tired of the beautiful pictures taken by Cahors winemakers !


SO ! I do not have to draw a picture, it happens every year : Autumn has come ! Let's eat grapes, apples and pears. The desire of salads and tomatoes swap in the desire of hot meals, famial and not really « lights ». It's not a joke, we need to get ready for the Winter !


About that, we didn't want to share those known greasy and warmy food recipe (even they are tasty !). Then, we challenged Virginie to elaborate another one which is :

1. Seasonal

2. With Cahors wine (hence the « Grape picking season » introduction ;) )

3. Easy to make


She came back with a recipe of a pear poached in Cahors wine !


Ingredients :

For 4 servings : 4 Williams pear, 1 Cahors wine bottle (classic, prefered 100% Malbec, not fruity),

1 cup of sugar, a pinch of powdered cinnamon, 3 slices of orange.

Preparation :

- Put the wine, the sugar, the cinnamon and the sclices of orange in a pot

- Bring to a boil and leave it for 10 minutes over a low heat

- During it, peel the pears, leave the stem

- Put them in the wine preparation and cook them slowly for 30 minutes

- Remove the pears and put them on a plate, cover them and let cool

- Serve it in a deep dish, pour the syrup on the pears and leave them at room temperature

Virginie Tonel propose a recipe of poached pear this Cahors wine


Treat yourself and do not hesitate to share your pictures and experiences on social media with #lotvignoble !

Poached pear with Cahors wine


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